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Dual-channel Four-axis Standard Glue Dispenser
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Dual-channel Four-axis Standard Glue Dispenser

Through the piezoelectric injection valve, the glue is sprayed at a non-contact high speed to complete the product dispensing and coating functions.


1. The dual-station intelligent working platform, equipped with a synchronous CCD positioning and monitoring system, can effectively guarantee the dispensing accuracy, and the yield rate is ≥99.5%;

2. Fast response, the smallest glue point can be as small as 1ml

3. High frequency, the frequency can be adjusted up to 1000Hz

4. Precise glue volume adjustment, the adjustment unit is 100μs

5. The consistency and accuracy of spray glue point can reach 99%

6. Easy nozzle replacement and simple maintenance



  1. UPH 350

  2. Yield ≥ 99.5%

  3. Size: 1000*800*1900

  4. Reliability: CPK >1.33

  5. DT< 3%

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