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Laser Soder Jetting
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Laser Solder Jetting

The solder ball is melted by laser, and the molten solder ball is sprayed to the pad by pressure nitrogen to complete the soldering.


1. Multi-station intelligent work platform, equipped with synchronous CCD positioning and monitoring system, can effectively guarantee welding accuracy, and the yield rate is ≥99.5%;

2. High efficiency and fast speed, the soldering time of a single solder ball is within 0.3s;

3. The minimum welding gap is 0.1mm, and the welding spot size is consistent;

4. During the welding process, the laser and nozzle do not make any contact with the welding object, so that no mechanical stress will be generated, which greatly reduces the thermal effect;

5. The tin ball has no spatter, no flux pollution, no solder residue, no cleaning;

  1. Yield > 99.5%

  2. Size: 1000*1000*1900

  3. Reliability: CPK > 1.33

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