Vision Lab
Provide professional visual testing solutions, focusing on high precision, high stability and more cost-effective automatic assembly and measurement field.
Glue Dispensing Lab
Valve body and dispensing technology R&D. We Provide platforms, valves, nozzles and CCDs to carry out different DOEs according to customer needs.
Auto Soldering Lab
Provide diversified auto soldering solutions and shorten the development time. Including preliminary screening of key parameters, customized design of multi-functional soldering solutions, etc.
RF Lab
Undertakes the development and test verification of auxiliary equipment (such as shielding boxes, RF fixtures, etc.) for wireless communication product testing. Equipped with an advanced and complete test environment. It provides a fast, reliable and complete verification platform for the developmen
Acoustics Lab
Beautiful and authentic sound experience, sound processing from complex ambient noise. The Acoustics Lab helps customers create product audio experiences in an excellent way with the most complete virtual sound simulation.
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