Standard Machine
Shrink Wrapping Machine
Use double-layer POF film, automatic bag-making, packaging products, edge cutting, corner cutting, and subsequent heat shrinkage can be realized to complete the sealing of product color boxes
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Shrink Wrapping Machine


  1. Box(Min) 70*70*40mm, Box(Max) 400*400*100

  2. DT for product switch < 30mins


  1. Auto-loading & Unloading

  2. Auto-collection of NG Parts

Selectable Functions

  1. Auto-weighing and scanning

  2. Accommodate different sizes of box

  3. Integratable MES

Customization: Open to any customization


Basic Settings

  1. Weight (kg): 1500

  2. FPY > 99%

  3. DT < 1%

  4. Wrapper material : POF (double layer foldable)

  5. Premium featuures: Mixed feeding, traceability, weight check

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