East-Win's first table tennis match ended perfectly
2021-01-11 17:46:07 

East-Win's first "Vitality Cup" table tennis match came to a successful conclusion on August 10, 2016. On the field, the players sweated like rain, worked hard, showed their "ping pong style", and staged an energetic and exciting game.

The competition is divided into three events: men's singles, women's singles and team competitions. More than 50 players have signed up for this competition. The game entered the cruel knockout round from the beginning. Although the players did not usually undergo special training, they did their best to show their housekeeping skills-"the eight immortals cross the sea, each show their magical powers", and vowed to fight their opponents. . The scene of the competition was wonderful, with the sound of fighting, cheering, cheering, and cheering. The contestants also played a tenacious fighting spirit. You compete for each goal, and the joyful atmosphere infected the entire company. After several days of fierce battles, strong players from all walks of life continued to emerge in the competition. In the end, Zhang Dezhi won the championship in the men's group, and Liang Fa-nian and Huang Yishan won the second and third places; in the women's group, Liu Qi won the championship, and Yang Yan and He Qian won the second and third places respectively; the team competition was picked by RFBU. Won the laurels, Feipeng Class and Engineering Division 2 won the runner-up and third runner-up respectively.

The company’s deputy general manager Ye Chuanbin, manager Liu Dongyang and manager Jiang Bin presented trophies and bonuses to the champion, runner-up and runner-up respectively.

This table tennis match not only enriched the amateur cultural life of employees, but also provided an opportunity for employees to communicate with each other and compare their skills. It also provided an opportunity to show themselves and continuously improve themselves. It also demonstrated the full spirit and outlook of the players. The team spirit of sincere unity among colleagues has aroused everyone's enthusiasm for hard work, and at the same time added a beautiful landscape to the vigorous development of United Dongchuang!

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