E31A Shielding Box
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E31A Shielding Box

Provide a test space with good electromagnetic shielding performance, and provide a non-interference electromagnetic space for product radio frequency performance testing.


1. Suitable for building an RF conduction test environment in the frequency range of 0.4GHz-6GHz;

2. It has excellent shielding performance, good mechanical stability, excellent cost performance, meticulous security protection, easy operation and other advantages. It can be applied to 5G (Sub-6GHz), LTE, WiFi, Bluetooth, WCDMA, GNSS , GSM and other wireless communication technology fields.


1. Performance:0.4GHz to 6.0GHz >70dB

2. Size: L*W*H

- Inside: 220*410*135

- Outside: 340*510*330

3. Voltage: AC 100~220V

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