Automatic Assembly
Rear Camera Assembly & Testing Line
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Rear Camera Assembly & Testing Line

Auto loading of WD and Trim

WD and Trim are automatically assembled by HAF glue and hot-pressed, then pass to the oven

Pre-push and height difference test after WD and Trim baking

Automatic NG and OK product unloading


1. The real-time full inspection system detects the uniformity and bonding strength of the assembled camera on-line, and strictly controls the quality of the finished product.

2. High-precision glass metal line laser height measurement, measurement accuracy: ±0.005mm; high-precision contact displacement measurement, accuracy: ±0.002mm

3. The self-developed software control platform provides a reliable control system and online monitoring of production data, which provides data support for enterprises to improve yield, optimize production, and improve efficiency


1. High integration: 8-station connection, 15m line length

2. Realize the efficient production of 24 pieces of products at the same time assembling and testing

3. UPH > 4500

4. Yield > 99.5%

5. ROI< 10 months

6. High precision: 20 million pixel CCD positioning, micron level precision manipulator drive, assembly accuracy reaches ±0.05mm

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